We Support RMS - as he has supported this community for decades

There are open source people involved in the cancellation of RMS or who were glad to see RMS resign who are now pursuing another course of action with the FSF - an open letter to remove RMS. These people may have their motives, but the manner in which this cancellation happened and the manner in which these faux open source people move forward is lacking any consideration for developers. While there are a lot of people following these sjws, I fail to see the benefit to our community by script kiddies at best, and what some have called fascist fauxpen source people.
Regardless of all things the women pushing the removal have said, put aside ... look at the actions.
Additionally, I have been a woman in tech far before these women ever entered the scene. I have been alone with RMS many times, and at night. He was always respectful and I never felt uncomfortable with him. Not once. I was an intern at FSF from 2002 to 2003.

Alternately, I was uncomfortable at Libreplanet 2019 due to the behavior of Molly and Deb.

1. "Volunteered" to review talks at conferences... they spoke at several themselves eliminating OGs
2. Became non uploading "developers". Molly admits to not being able to code.
3. Deb spoke at a Linux Foundation embedded event - holding a robot. Looked like a prop.
4. Ehmke ran for OSI Board and was shut out
5. Banned ESR from the mailing list after Perens left OSI

Infiltrated organizations - we do not support:
Creative Commons
FSF - but now molly is gone and the tides are changed - John Sullivan is gone also
Internet archive possibly